Problems and solutions for cybernetic crimes

Problems and solutions for cybernetic crimes
The cybernetic crime can be defined simply as a crime that is committed using Internet. Three types exist of cibercrimen and these include crimes against properties, people or governments. Under these three types cybernetic crimes there are dozens of subcategories. All the types of this form of crime have solutions, nevertheless no of the solutions is completely on approval of idiots.

Child pornography
The child pornography is cibercrimen increasing and is considered a cybernetic crime against the people. According to the Investigation of the Crime, the child pornography involves, traffic, dissemination and publication of any obscene material related to the children. When a cybernetic crime is executed, the aggressors publish obscene photos and videos of children and minor adolescents. They will provide these free of charge or acquiring a quota of subscription for which they register in the websites. The agencies of security are trying to fight the cybernetic crime working concealed in line, often acting as children or people interested in seeing and buying child pornography. The FBI has a unit bases on called Maryland National Initiative dedicated to fight child pornography in line.

One of the majors cybernetic crimes that affect to us nowadays is the virus and is considered a cybernetic crime against the people. The virus is sent to the computers of other people to gain access to their personal information and to possibly destroy their hard disk. One of the virus most popular and devastating in the recent times was the virus “Melissa”. This virus began to infect computers in March of 1990 and it was scattered quickly. In agreement with the Investigation of the Crime, the Melissa virus infected 1.2 million computers in the United States and the caused damage cost more than 80 million dollars to fix it. In order to fight virus, the companies and individuals can buy software anti virus for their computers, avoiding to lower any thing unless they know that the source is completely safe and not to open e-mails which they do not know.

Harassment cybernetic
The harassment cybernetic comes in many forms and is considered a cybernetic crime against the people. It can be sexual, religious or racial. Also it can include violation to the privacy of another person using Internet. In order to fight the harassment, the individuals can report all the suspicious cases for the agency of social security. The agencies of social security will take the appropriate measures to identify the pursuer and could decide to judge it.

The terrorism is considered a crime against of the government. This type of cybernetic crime can involve to use Internet to communicate with other terrorists, to transfer the money necessary to fund a terrorist act and another type of related activity. In order to fight this type of cybernetic crime, the security agencies, particularly the FBI, has special units. The FBI has a special called unit Division Cybernetics that deals especially with cybernetic terrorism.

According to the investigation of crime, cracking includes to damage computation codes, to publish false digital companies, computer piracy, the violation of the confidentiality and the publication of lewd electronic intelligence. It can be a cybernetic crime against people or governments. These criminals often rob information and later they plant virus to destroy the computer. Cracking can be difficult to solve, but any crime of craking suspected must be discussed with the agency of local security. If it does not have the human power to persecute the offendor, the FBI decides to persecute it.


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