The mobile phone that will not have WhatsApp

The mobile phone that will not have WhatsApp
A hard blow underwent this week the Canadian company RIM, manufacturer of well-known the Blackberry, which could make lose it users in the future.

According to they confirmed diverse means specialized in technology, the giant of the instantaneous mail, WhatsApp, indicated that it will not give support new smartphone of the company: Blackberry 10, to wear for the first time itself by the end of January.

The information was filtered by the CrackBerry means, which asked the people in charge of the application directly if this one would operate in the new mobile phone of the company. The answer, nevertheless, was not satisfactory:

“ we do not have plans to give Blackberry support at the moment 10, we felt ”, indicated it the member of WhatsApp consulted by the publication.

It is possible to indicate, that this momentary decision of the service could affect to the decayed RIM, that saw in Blackberry 10 a possible resurgence of the company, whose market share it has in the last been stooped time at the hands of iPhone and cellular with Android.

“ this one could become a great problem, because one of the attractive factors of a platform is the number of applications available in this one. For example, when one is those with iOS and Android, you can assure that the majority of apps in iOS will be available in Android and vice versa ”, it indicated the specialized means

This situation also was noticed by Europa Press agency, which indicated that the fact that Blackberry 10 does not have WhatsApp could cause that it lost a great part of the market, and force the users search alternatives to speak free of charge with its contacts.

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