Engineer develops a program to gain contests in Twitter.

Engineer develops a program to gain contests in Twitter.
“This is history of how I wrote a program in Twitter to participate automatically in contests and in how I ended up winning, of average, four contests to the day, every day, during nine months”.

Thus the story of the occurrence begins that had Hunter Scott, engineer graduated by the university of Georgia Tech, in the United States.

Scott invented a program with the programming language Python to be able to appear to all the contests in Twitter without squandering his life doing retuits.

He is frequent that in the social network different companies offer prizes between the users who retuiteen some of their messages.

Scott wanted to know if these contests are trustworthy and if somebody gains them sometimes.

“I do not know if somebody has done this before”, Scott in his webpage counted.

Scott counted his experience in his webpage.

“But I saw tests of real people that they were doing the work of my program manually, retuiteando hundreds of contests in several hours”.

The engineer explained that most difficult he was to obtain than Twitter did not prohibit its “robot” (bot, in English, as diminutive of robot: a program that simulates a human activity).

The social network has limits that they avoid that a user can tuitear too much frequently, or of very aggressive form.

As these limits are not public, Scott had to find out them in a process of test and error.

Twitter also limits the number of people who you can follow if you yourself you do not have too many followers, which was an obstacle for the project.

Scott or, rather, his program, managed to participate in 165.000 contests in a period of 9 months.

Of those, he gained about thousands.
What gifts obtained?

Not so impressive.

A great part consisted of logo and graphs, that is to say, images of Twitter to use in games or your profile of Youtube.
There are thousands of contests of this type in Twitter.

Scott counts who another great part of the gifts consisted of entrances for events.

To the majority of them, he could not go. They were in distant places.

A t-shirt with the name of bodyguards of the Backstreet Boys, who Scott rejected because it is not fan of the group

A disinfectant tin “with fragrance” that Scott never received because she lives in the United States and the company, cradle in the United Kingdom, did not make transatlantic shipments

Entrances for a spectacle of drag queens in Kansas City

An entrance for a conference on “dynamic Wealth” in South Africa

A t-shirt of one Australian radio

But Scott went it in great during the process receiving the gifts.

“To receive mysterious things in my mail every day he was very funny”, he explained.
One of the prizes went to go to the Fashion week of New York, but Scott rejected it.

Its favorite prize was an autographed hat of cowboy by the actors of a Mexican soap opera of which Scott had not heard never speak.

The most valuable prize went a trip to the Fashion week of New York, that included a trip in limousine and US$500 to spend between him and the person who chose.

Scott did not demand the prize. “Alive near New York” nor “he either did not want to pay the associate taxes”.

So the engineer finished not demanding the majority of his prizes. But he wrote to warn that they occurred another person.


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