Glossary of terms of Hosting

Glossary of terms of Hosting
Also call hosting. In order to have a Web in Internet, available for the everybody 24 hours of the day, this one must be lodged in a servant permanently connected to the Network, with the majors guarantees.

It is the transference consumed by a site in the course of a month. All the data (bytes) that are transferred from and towards the site they are entered. This it is the main cost of manetener a website. The transference is moderate in bytes (8 bits = 1 byte).

Pages of active servant. Pages ASP, are a type of HTML that in addition to containing the traditional codes and labels, counts on programs (or scripts) that is executed in a servant before they unfold in the screen of the user. Generally this type of programs realises consultations to data bases, being the results of these those that the final ususario obtains. The extension of these archives is “.asp.”

It is a service by means of which you can form that when certain account of email receives a mail, this sends a predetermined answer to him to the sender of that e-mail.

Bandwidth (Bandwidths) is the amount of data that can be sent through a connection. When one is lodging accounts, the term bandwidths is used as synonymous of data transfer measuring the amount of data that is allowed him to transfer to its account in a given period (generally a month).

Data base
A data base allows to store to information of a website or application.
The data bases usually keep dynamic information generated when complimenting forms (from the Web or its panel of administration). For example, if it publishes an article of his blog, the text will be registered in a data base.
Generally, the present managers of contents (CMS), as WordPress, Joomla! or PrestaShop, uses a data base.

A small area of a window or screen, used for publicity aims, and that often consist of images GIF. A standard size of this area is 486 xs 60 pixels.

Special page that there is in the network, that has a data base with a series of words or another system to find other pages. Normally, she is necessary to fill in a form and to be sent to appear in each of them.

Shopping cart
Program used for the creation of virtual stores. By means of this one system and with some minimum knowledge of programming, any client can implement a solution of electronic commerce in his Web.

Certificate SSL
A Certificate SSL is used to assure to the visitor the authenticity to him the servant, the coding (the encrypción) of its data, and test of integrity of messages. With a valid certificate SSL, their communications to traverse the Internet are transmitted in based form (encrypted). You can trust that the information that you send will privately be received and without alteration the servant who you specify (and not another one).

CHMOD (of change mode) is a set of permissions that you can settle down for the archives located in his lodging.
Habitually, the value of the CHMOD for the archives is 644 or 604 and, for the folders, 755 or 705.
In case of hack, for example, our robot can change the permissions by the root of the lodging (“/”) by 700. Of that form, although the access by FTP will follow assets for the administrator of the lodging, the users who connect themselves to the Web will not be able to see their content and will be out of danger.

Acronym of] Content Management System (system of management of contents).
The CMS or managers of contents are developed applications to help him to create their website, forum, presentation, blog or virtual store.
They are administered by means of forms from a specific panel and the information of these forms is stored in the data base.
Some CMS are WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop.

They are used to complement the HTML (language to create webpages) to make a more interactive and functional Web. Thanks to the CGIs as practical utilities can be programmed as the accountants, books of visits, forms of order and many others.

Functionality by means of which an accountant of visits can be put in the Web, visible for all the public.

The Cron tasks allow to automate certain tasks, as calling with a determined frequency to a file that will execute a concrete task.
That file will contain script developed in a language of type PHP or Perl.

Each domain uses servers DNS of the recording agent who has his management.
In those servers DNS, a zone DNS is declared.
In this zone DNS are all the services associated to the domain (lodging, mail…). In her it will have to establish, for example, the direction IP of the lodging or the servers of mail that wishes to use.

System of denomination of hosts in Internet which is formed by a set of characters which identifies a site of the accessible network by a user. (examples:;…) Each domain is administered by a servant of domains. The most common domains are .com, .es, .net, .org, and .info.

It is the service of eletrónico mail by means of which you counted on a [email protected] from where she will prodrá to send and to receive post office. The post office or emails are stored in the servant until you lower them with a program of mail as being MS Outlook.

Disc space
Space available in its account. This space is used to provide with accomodations the content of its website and his emails.

FileZilla is a gratuitous program that uses the file transfer protocol FTP (File Transfer Protocole).
It allows to establish a connection between his personal computer and the lodging.

A publishing HTML WYSIWYG of Microsoft that is characterized by dynamic functions (component Frontpage), available without knowledge in the matter of programming are required.

(File Transfer Protocol) - Protocol for the transference of archives. By FTP a service is known that allows to raise and to lower the archives of any PC to the servant of hosting in which it has lodged his webpage of a fast and effective way.

Anonymous FTP
By means of this service their visitors will be able to accede via FTP to their site without needing identifying itself. Ideal to store content that wishes to be shared with its users.

Any machine that is connected directly to the network.

HiperText Markup Languaje (Language of Brands of Hypertext). The language in which the webpages are written.

HiperText Protocol Transfer (Transfer protocol of Hypertext) Protocol that regulates the form in which envín through the network the documents Web.

YOU GO of client
YOU GO of client, client identifier or NIC (number client identifier) is its reference of client, who consists of two letters and several numbers, followed of - ovh (P. ex.: xx9999-ovh).
This type of reference was the one that used the registries originally.

An IP represents the physical address of the servant.
In order to show its website, its domain will aim at the IP of its lodging.
For its mail, its domain must use a mail servant; the name of that mail also will aim at a direction IP.

Acronym that it designates to a supplier of access to Internet (of the English Internet Service Provider). Some examples are Movistar, Orange and ONO.

IMAP is a protocol that allows to recover the messages stored in a mail servant.
Its objective is similar to the MGP, the other main protocol of recovery of the mail but, on the contrary that this last one, IMAP allows to leave the messages in the servant.
For this reason, protocol IMAP is oriented to synchronize the mail, whereas the MGP is adapted to consult it.

Page of Java servant. Special type of page HTML that contains some small programs (also called scripts) that are executed in Netscape servers before being sent to the user for their visualization in the form of page HTML. Habitually those programs realise consultations to data bases and the results of those consultations determine the information that is sent to each specific user. The archives of this type take to the suffix .jsp.

All the events that happen in their account of hosting, are visits, errors in the pages, etc, are stored in the form of text registries in archives, calls logs. These archives are to quer analyze the systems of statistics installed in the servers. To these logs can lower them of the servant and also analyze them by other software available in the market.

It is a functionality associated to the shared lodgings.
The multidomain allows that several domains aim at an only lodging.
This is completely invisible for the final client, who connects himself to a domain without knowledge that is in a servant in whom there are other websites.

The data base more used in Linux surroundings and with programming PHP. It allows, for example, from the creation of any system of registry of users, to the functionalities more outposts of a project Web.

OWA (Outlook Web App) is a mail client Web optimized for touch screen, with which the user can accede to his messages from a navigator. Also it can see his contacts and calendars, among others things. He is associate to the Exchange service and it cannot be used with the supply of mail in shared lodging, for which Roundcube is used.

Programming language Web for the generation of dynamic webpages. Cross-platform (Linux and Windows). But old and not as efficient as PHP or ASP. Commonly used to develop pages in cgi.

Preprocessor hypertext. Very popular programming language. It allows the generation of dynamic websites. PHP to Linux is what ASP to Windows. It is cross-platform, reason why also Windows is under platforms. It owns better handling of memory and processes that Perl.

Tool Web to control and to handle its data base MySQL. It runs under programming language PHP.

MGP, also call POP3, is a protocol that allows to recover the messages stored in a mail servant.
The mail client that you use (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird…) he uses this protocol to connect themselves to the mail servant and to recover the messages of the servant.
Based on how he has formed his client of mail, it is possible to during leave a copy of the messages in the mail servant, for example, 7 days.
The concept of “logical” port allows to distinguish different interlocutors in a computer.
When it forms his client of mail, it is possible that it must change the ports of the application.

Set of characters formed by mandates and sequences of I key, that are used quite often in Internet to automate very habitual tasks as, for example, the connection to the network (login).

Program or machine that takes care of a service of Internet. For example, the email, the Web, the FTP.

Simple protocol of mail transference. This protocol is defined in STD 10, RFC 821, and it is used for the transference of e-mail between computers. It is a protocol of servant to servant, so that to be able to read the messages other protocols are due to use.

An evil of the Internet. Commonly it is understood to the Spam as commercial the massive and not asked for shipment of emails. Its standardisation is very difficult, but a company of hosting identifies it by one of the following events - multiple complaints of people who have received the email. - multiple emails bounced that has not arrived at destiny by directions from email nonexistent adressees. Not only this prohibited the shipment of those emails using the servers of NexovirtualNet, but also the shipment using another supplier but promoting a webpage provided with accomodations in our servers

Language for the implementation of dynamic variables in pages HTML. Páginias that uses it owns the extension .shtml.

SSH is another transfer protocol of data, like protocol FTP.
Generally, this protocol is executed in line of commandos with a terminal as Putty.

Secure Socket Layer. Protocol created by Netscape with the purpose of to make possible the based and safe transmission of information through the network because only the servant and the client will be able to understand a certain text. It uses a key of 50 up to 128 bits.

If is a domain, then is a subdomain of its domain. Depending the contracted account this service is included with or without position and in limited amounts.

Acronym of Uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Localizer of Resources). Set of protocols that specify the form of the directions in Internet

Service that allows to manage the e-mail from a website which is very useful for people whom they must move frequently and the access suppliers habitually offer it to Internet.

The WHOIS is a tool that allows to obtain data on a domain, as servers DNS used by the domain, the data regarding the proprietor (if they are not hidden) and generic information as the dates of creation and expiration of the domain.

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