Electronic commerce in Chile will surpass the US$ 2,800 million in sales this year

Electronic commerce in Chile will surpass the US$ 2,800 million in sales this year
According to the president of the CCS, Peter Hill, this amount of must to that e-commerce maintains a “high rate of connectivity, financial depth and digitalization of payment means”.

SANTIAGO. - The electronic commerce in Chile continues growing accelerated rates, by, far highest of all the Chilean economy. According to numbers disclosed today by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS) within the framework of eCommerce Day Santiago 2016, the sales online would surpass this year the US$ 2,800 million. More than 2,400 executives, businessmen and entrepreneurs they participated in the eighth version of eCommerce Day Santiago 2016, organized altogether by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago and the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce (eInstitute). In his speech of inauguration of the event, the president of the CCS, Peter Hill, emphasized the advantages of the country as platform to make businesses online “given to his high rate of connectivity, its financial depth and the digitalization of payment means, which has been translated in rates of growth persistently over the rest of the commercial activities”. In that frame, the trade union leader considered that the sales online will return to grow this year around 20% “almost ten times faster than the growth of the sales in physical stores”.

Challenges of e-commerce

By the side of the demand, the CCS informed that the number of Internet users surpassed the 13 million people, representing 75% of the population. Of them, four million and average are buying online habitual, those that spend in average 620 dollars to the year in their purchases online. Although the great companies of the retail are widely built-in to e-commerce, the CCS indicated its preoccupation by the great amount of retail stores that maintains other people's to these developments. According to estimations of the Center Digital Economy of the organization, less than 5% of the retail store have taken off its presence of sales in channels online, which in some categories, mainly in the area of durable goods, is leaving them outside the radar of the consumers, who every time adopt with more force the habit to make decisions of purchase based on the supply available in Internet. The CCS exhibited numbers that show how in some of these categories, as domestic equipment, it photographs and technology, the advance of e-commerce has influenced in the disappearance of companies and drastic falls in the sales, those that could be avoided with a suitable adoption of these new formats. The study also included antecedents on the advance of the purchases online to the outside, known as e-commerce cross-border, area that according to the CCS 6% of the total purchases represent online and grow at a high speed. The strong growth from the purchases to Asian countries, in particular China, explains to a large extent this phenomenon. In the matter of new developments, the CCS talked about to the expansion of the models based on the call “Collaborative Economy”, within which platforms as those of deprived transport of people are confined, and who have raised great controversy in these last days. The CCS indicated that the advance of these models is a incontrarrestable reality of which is to become position to traverse, for example, of the modernization of the regulatory marks on which they operate.

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