Corporative mail How to create accounts of customized email?

Corporative mail How to create accounts of customized email?
If still you use your old account of Hotmail to communicate with your clients this news is for you. The same if you use Yahoo or Gmail,, etc.

The corporative mail or professional email, for example [email protected], gives a very professional image him to the communications with your clients, improves your image, generates confidence and it helps to obtain more clients you.

Unlike which you can think, to have corporative mail is neither expensive nor complicated. You yourself you can create it and here we explained to you step by step.

The 2 things necessary to have corporative mail.

In order to have corporative mail you need two things basically:

- Domain name.
- Plan of Hosting.

1 . To register a Domain name

A domain name is for example: They are the same directions that are used for the webpages. A same domain can be used so much for the page as for the email directions.

You must know that different classes from domains exist:

On the one hand they are the International Domains, are those that finalize in .com, .org, .net, among others, these domains are used.

Also it exists the Domains of Country, are those that finalize with the code of respective country, for example: .cl (Chile) (Argentine), .es (Spain), .mx (Mexico), among others.

In Chile the domains are registered in

2 . To contract a Plan of Hosting

The second indispensable element is the servant where you are going to receive the messages that arrive at your directions of company email.

In we offer diverse plans of Hosting to adapt itself to your needs.

To tie the domain:

Once registered the domain and contracted hosting you are going to have to tie your domain with the servers of your company of Hosting. You are not scared that he is very simple. This is made having acceded the panel of your domain and assigning the “ DNS to him ” that it indicates your supplier to you of hosting.

If you had problems with this step podés to ask for help to him to the technical support of

To create the corporative post-office box:

It enters to the CPanel of your account of hosting with the provided user and password in the activation of the service. Of not having these data you must ask for them to the technical support.

A time within the panel you must look for the option Accounts of Email, in the section Mail, and click in the same.

One you see within Accounts of Email we found a form to complete with the data of the square to create.

We complete the direction of email and the password. In order to finalize we click in the button To create account. As of this moment your new square already is ready to send and to receive messages.

To accede to your new square being used the Webmail of your hosting:

The first immediate option and to use your new square is through webmail of your domain. The direction of your webmail one will have the following form generally:

He is recommendable to administer your accounts of company from an e-mail client.

The met clients of email more are programs than they settle in your PC and you form them so that they connect themselves single to your accounts of company and unload the messages, releasing this way the servant.

Two examples used enough are Outlook and Thunderbird.

*Debes to consider that Webmail allows you to enter from any computer or notebook to your post office.

We hope serves this information to you.

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