North Korea prohibits to use Wi-Fi to foreigners

North Korea prohibits to use Wi-Fi to foreigners
According to a governmental decree, it has been notified to the embassies, NGOs and to foreign civil servers who reside within the country, which they have prohibited the wireless connection to Internet. The reasons have not been specified, have only affirmed that this “ produces certain effects in the surroundings ”.

From the Regulating Department of North Korean Radio they explain that “ those foreign missions that wish to return to use the Wi-Fi connection in the future, will have to consult it with the organism previously ”.

Apparently, this decision has been taken after knowledge that the price of the adjacent houses to international embassies and organisms that used these connections, was in the heat of height.

This report is so serious that in addition, they notice that those that do not respect this prohibition will face a fine of up to 1.5 million of wones (around 8,500 Euros).

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