That is Softaculous?

That is Softaculous?
Softaculous is a Tool that allows to install virtual applications just by to give a click to the application that you wish to manage and to optimize your or your websites.

Now our plans of Web hosting come with Softaculous, so that you administer of more optimal way your site with all the applications that Softaculous has for you. Within the applications that you can install you widely find used solutions as Wordpress, Jommla, Drupal, or solutions of ecommerce as Prestashop, Magento to mention some.

Just by to give him to a click to the applications these they would settle automatically, for that reason it is that one says that Softaculous is a autoinstalador. In the gallery of applications you would also find several tools for your needs being many of gratuitous use as much more sophisticated applications that they require of a payment.

Softaculous offers the great range of applications so that you use them of the way that you create more advisable, such as blogs, websites, system of management of contents, solutions of e-mail, surveys, forums, etc. Being to date a total of 131 applications, which you can install and desinstalar to taste, also existing the possibility of seeing what other usurious ones think of each application, having as reference the use and the practicidad of the applications that you will be on the verge of installing. In this application in addition it allows the installation of other quartering tools car.

Beam click to see the listing of applications Here that can be installed

Another tool of “ Fantastic ” car exists installation of applications called, but this mention is not to promote this tool, but to comment that Softaculous also allows to handle the applications that this tool unloaded, this, for the case that you are changing of Web supplier hosting to you and the old one has had to Fantastic as management tool.
In order to accede to this tool, only coarse with entering to cPanel (Control Panel). Soon he comes himself to give click in Softaculous and, of there in future, he is enough with by the way following the procedure that quite intuitive is.

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