The multifunctionality of smartwatches a problem?

The multifunctionality of smartwatches a problem?
We are customary to that the e-mails, mentions in Twitter, alert of Facebook, text messages or notes programmed in our calendar they are kept and accumulating in ours smartphones to be able to accede to the same when we want.

Now Samsung has sent smartwatch Samsung Gear Live with the operating system of Google with which they have been able to transfer the experience of the users with his smartphones to a small computer of wrist. Up to here it seems a breakthrough and at first sight it presents more advantages than inconvenient but where it is the problem?

The complaints of the first users in proving this device come motivated by constant the alert who receive in his smartwatch with the consequent hummings and vibrations of warnings.

The voices are many that indicate that to this them cause anxiety and nerves and a disagreeable sensation of hyperconnectivity.

In the other face of the currency we were with some wearables destined to the world of the sport and the health as for example those that tell to our step and heart rate or informs to us into our cycles of dream. Some devices that realise a series of useful functions for the users and that do not interfere in the development of their daily life.

These two examples show the reality of the principle of “ less is more ”. And it is that, really we needed to take in our wrist a multifunctional device that saturates the 24 hours to us of the day with information? Apparently the answer is not for an increasing number of users who are not prepared to that they remember every minute the unnecessary necessity to them in our lives to be permanently connected.


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