Step by step: To form an account of e-mail in Outlook

Step by step: To form an account of e-mail in Outlook
We have noticed that to many users costs to them to form its accounts of e-mail in software Outlook de Microsoft, or are clients of or some of the gratuitous services available in Internet.

By this we designed this simple instructive one that step by step it explains and it guides at the time of forming our accounts of mail.

1. Beam click in Tools and next, selects Configuration of the account in the pull-down menu.

2. It selects to the eyelash E-mail, it selects the created account, and it beats To change.

3. It verifies that the information next agrees with your configuration: (it remembers to replace TUDOMINIO.CL by your own domain that you have contracted with us or by the domain of your gratuitous service).

- Email address: Your complete email address (correoelectró[email protected]),

- Type of account: POP3

- Servant of incoming mail: mail.TUDOMINIO.CL

- Servant of salient mail (SMTP): mail.TUDOMINIO.CL

- Name of user: Your complete email address. (including the “@TUDOMINIO.CL”)

- Password: Your password of the mail, the same that you used when creating the account in cPanel.

4. Authentication of safe password deactivates the option “To require beginning of session using (SPA)”.

5. Beam click in More options and next, selects to the eyelash Servant of salient mail.

6. Brand as much My servant of exit (SMTP) requires authentication as Using the same configuration that my servant of incoming mail.

7. It selects the Advanced eyelash.

8. It fits to the field Servant of incoming mail (POP3) to 110.

9. It fits to the field Servant of salient mail (SMTP) to 25.

10. It verifies that the option This servant requires a based connection: Automatic.

11. Beam click in Accepting | Following | To finalize.

And ready! You will be able to receive and already to send post office with your Microsoft Outlook correctly formed!

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