Internet, the most credible means and the favourite by the users to inquire on the brands

Internet, the most credible means and the favourite by the users to inquire on the brands
IAB Spain, association that represents the sector of the publicity, marketing and the digital communication in Spain has presented the computer graphics elaborated on the basis of the I Mass media Study Online made by its Commission.

In this computer graphics one picks up of graphical way and a practical form the main conclusions of the mentioned study explaining the most important aspects of mass media online on the basis of: credibility and confidence, valuation of the average ones according to use, predisposition of the user, devices that are used to read these means and the forms in which the users sail.

In words of Francesca Pasotti, female leader of advertising marketing Digital and Mobile, “ the first mass media study online confirms to us as they are the appreciated values more of online means: the credibility and the power of prescription. In the context of informative saturation in that we lived, the confidence is crucial for engagement of the user. In advertising scope this is translated in a privileged position of mass media as prescribers, especially in campaigns of branding ”.

The main conclusions at which this report has arrived are the following (in the computer graphics of down it appears all the detailed information):

- In relation to the credibility and confidence the users talk about to Internet as the most credible means indicating to mass media as the more credible supports online. In addition the network has become the means that obtain better valuation as source to obtain data on a brand.

- If we take care of the favourite supports we were with smartphone and the tablet used to sail in the social networks, to read means and communication and to sail by forums or blogs.

- If we spoke of preferred mass media based on the device from which we accede we were with the radio online as favorite means of the users of smartphone whereas the magazines online are the contents to which it is acceded more from a tablet.

- As far as the predisposition of the user, 9 of each 10 pay attention to the publicity online, 8 of each 10 share connections of advertising campaigns and 9 of each 10 are arranged to extend their advertising information.

- The mass media have become the navigation supports most frequently from our place of work.

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