IPad of 128GB already is official

IPad of 128GB already is official
Apple finishes announcing of official way its next launching of a new tablet, with the great difference of a generous capacity of real storage. IPad of 128GB is made official to offer more capacity to keep archives, music and content multimedia for the users of this device who every time are more abundant, and more demanding.

This device will in line arrive at the market from February from all the App Store from the next the 5 United States and Apple Store. He will be available as much in his version with connectivity of only WiFi, as with connectivity of WiFi and Celular. Its price will be:

iPad of 128GB WiFi by 799 dollars.
iPad of 128GB WiFi+Celular by 929 dollars.
By all means, these prices will not be most accessible at the time of wanting to do to us with a new tablet, but Apple in this case bets by a more demanding market, than it needs a great amount storage in his tablet, especially in the case of present the professional market where every time we see more and more iPads, as an ideal complement for any office. Apple assures that this new version arrives due to the needs of this market, putting as a very accurate example the professional field of those who works with archives CAD (Architecture and civil Engineering, among others), since these archives usually have a great size and sometimes the 64GB version was not sufficient for the needs of these professionals.

A very important detail that to clarify it is that is iPad of fourth generation, with screen Retina Display and the same processor A6X, Lightning port and other characteristics of this tablet, reason why we are not before a new generation but simply a new model with greater capacity of storage. Concerning software, iPad of 128GB will arrive directly from factory with new iOS 6.1.

Lamentably, this launching is limited American territory so far, reason why we remained in the hope of its arrival to Spain and the rest of Europe, in addition to a Latin American territory.


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