New record for the iPhone 6: 2 million reserves in China in only 6 hours

New record for the iPhone 6: 2 million reserves in China in only 6 hours
In agreement with a report published in the Chinese Web Sina cities “ incomplete statistics ” to the iPhone 6 him has been enough six hours to surpass the 2 million reserves on the part of the clients of the three main Chinese operators of telephony: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

But this is not the only impressive number that China has in the last generated days in relation to the launching of the new terminal of Apple. The reserves and pre previous purchases online to the launching of the iPhone 6 in the 10 first markets in which it was put on sale hardly surpassed 4 million in 24 hours.

It is a fact that China is one of the most attractive markets for any company and is by which the past Apple Tuesday received the approval of the Government so that the company of the apple can on sale put its devices in the Asian country (from the 17 of October) once have passed the safety controls regarding the possible filtration of personal data of the users.

According to the report mentioned coming from average boys the majority of the reserves is regarding the iPhone 6 and iPhone Extra with 64 GB of capacity whose price goes up to around the 1,000 dollars.

The new terminals of Apple already are available in the USA and other 19 countries from the past month of September but the certain thing are that it arrives behind schedule at China due to the regulatory delays since the Ministry of Industry and Technology from

Information of the Asian country needed to verify the security system of new the iPhone before putting them on sale.

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