Aeropatín of “ Return to the future ” will be able to buy the next year by 10,000 dollars

Aeropatín of “ Return to the future ” will be able to buy the next year by 10,000 dollars
Once again the reality puts in front of science fiction and one of the wished devices more of the history of the cinema already will be able to be enjoyed in real life. We speak of the well-known aeropatín (hoverboard) that actor Michael J. Fox used in the well-known saga of Return to the future.

Not much several faces ago known the USA they participated in marketing campaign that made think that this device already was available but it turned out to be false. Now we spoke of a reality that under the name of Hendo could arrive at the market in October of 2015 and will be the 10 lucky people who will become first enjoying these aeropatines after them to have bought through the Web of the manufacturer Arx Pax by 10,000 Euros.

If it is being asked for the operation of this device the answer is very simple: electromagnetism. So that this it can work must be used on a metallic ground (a lamina along with the skate will be put on sale). The Hendo generates a strong electromagnetic current that is repelled by the metallic ground elevating it up to 2.5 centimeters. It is the same mechanism that the used one by the monorails.

The problem is that the power consumption is very high reason why the hard battery around seven minutes. By all means, it is possible to elevate to us to more height although by each centimeter of plus the consumption one multiplies by four.

For the development of the first prototypes the company has started up a project of crowfunding with which they try to collect the 250,000 dollars that need. For want of more than 50 days so that this it finalizes already they have surpassed the 200,000 dollars.

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