Marketing in video online: there is life beyond YouTube

Marketing in video online: there is life beyond YouTube
Anybody doubt that YouTube is in height and does not stop growing, mainly after the last analysis of Jefferies that values to the company in about 40,000 million dollars, much more of the present value of Twitter. And the “ marketeros ones ” have taken good note from the paper of YouTube in digital marketing, since the platform of Google continues being leader at the time of sharing video contents.

Nevertheless, according to a study of Demand Metric in collaboration with Ascend2 of 2014 July, it is needed more than YouTube to generate the greater return of the investment (ROI) with the marketing videos. At the same time, the answers of the survey professionals of marketing indicate that the lodging of videos in the own Web and external sites, as YouTube and Vimeo, produced the best results.

Thanks to the comfort of platforms as YouTube, the percentage of survey that use only external pages to share content (43%) was almost four times greater than those than only use their own websites (11%). However, the combination of both types of lodging indicates that the Webs totally are not deprived of videos: 46% of the “ marketeros ones ” use a combination of its sites and external platforms to share content, so that “ the benefits are optimized ”.

A glance to the form preferred of the survey ones to lodge video content suggested it industry moves towards a future much more combined. Almost two thirds of the survey ones bet by a combination of their own websites and external sites, whereas 23% decided on external platforms and only 14% the internal sites.

The study suggests this combination could throw better data of ROI. 60% of the marketing professionals almost insist on the importance of counting on a safe channel to share controlled videos name brand. Also, the answers indicate that the platforms of their property allow them to collect more data on the hearings of the videos.

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