5 ideas to improve the communication of your SME

5 ideas to improve the communication of your SME
If something we have done well in Bubok is the communication. We realized of which it was the cheapest way to arrive at much people and in addition to the most affective form. Not in vain we were surely the company of new creation that left more in means in 2008. A good communication is fundamental for the success of the project. I believe that a normal project is better communicated good that a great communicated bad project.

For that reason it wanted to share some of the ideas that were to us useful. Surely they are not possible to be applied to all the companies the same, but S.A. less I hope that it invites to think to you about other forms
of communication, since when we began, éramos totally unknown, without hardly resources, and five years later we have been able to be the referring one of our sector.

To soon begin to communicate: In Bubok, one of the first actions that we undertook was to create the blog. In fact, Bubok left to the market the 16 April 2008 and the blog we opened it in September of 2007. In this way we were able to generate much expectation. Sometimes one thinks that he is better to concentrate the efforts in a single day, but at the moment is so many impacts that are good that people are found out little by little, since otherwise you will surely spend unnoticed the day of your launching.

To speak with much people to comment the idea: The fear to that is very typical of the Spanish they copy the idea to us and, for this reason, does not count anything of the projects. We obtained much feedback before sending it, which helped us to improve much the product and to avoid errors. In addition to ideas, they contributed contacts to us and they contributed to the communication the day of the launching.

To have the greater number of possible communication channels: In addition to the mentioned blog, we have account in Twitter, page on Facebook, in Flickr and Youtube. In the end always there are people who only know us through one those channels, for that reason are necessary to be where your public is. If your clients are not in the social networks, all the previous one is not necessary; sometimes we thought that it is obligatory to have presence in them and is not thus, thinks well where are those who are going to pay your products and uses the most suitable channels to arrive at them.

Ten is present in the real world: It is necessary to be in the greater number of events and to try to leave in traditional means, because it contributes much credibility to the project. People need to put face to the projects. I am extremely timid, but I assume that it is part of my work and surpass the timidity thinking that I must pay the mortgage.

To think about which they want means: Surely this is the key, to understand what is the news, that one well of “ is not the news the dog that bites the man, but the man whom the dog bites ”. In the launching of Bubok, our agency shelp us that the exit from a new Web to the market was not the news. Then we gave the return him to the communication: the problem of the autopublicación platforms - where anyone can publish its book is that no famous one would do it, for this reason, we tried to convince an author of prestige of which it published with us. Thus we contacted with Alberto Vázquez Figueroa to leave with its novels and the news was “ Vázquez Figueroa publishes its novels in a new oriented platform to that any author can make reality his dream publish ”. This supposed a great impulse for our project.

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand that the communication by definition is a bidirectional fact, has to listen, to detect opportunities, to see what loves people.

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