It follows the prohibition of applications!

It follows the prohibition of applications!
Yes, China, Iran and now Saudi Arabia are part of a select group with high restrictions in Internet and applications.

Corruption, social organization, pornography, in aim. The arguments to prohibit or to restrict the access to Internet of the users exceed in these days in countries as China and Iran. Nevertheless, a new country is united to this select group: Saudi Arabia, and aims directly at Skype, WhatsApp and other similar applications.

According to the authorities of this country, the reason by which they will be prohibited this type of applications has direct relation with controlling the use of the services. Thus, the companies would have to accept a request sent by the local government and, of not accepting, these services simply will stop working.

Given the previous thing, the users of Skype, Viber or WhatsApp they will have to begin to take leave of the applications in case the Government does not reach an agreement with the propietary companies, those that would allow the authorities to control these mass media.

But how begin did everything? Good, the Saudi Commission of Communications asked to the companies of communications that are put in touch with the owners of these applications to study the possibility of applying a law of local security around these.

Thus, and according to the official notice by this commission, the involved companies would have a term of one week to respond if the applications can be subject to the control of Saudi Arabia and, otherwise, the commission will begin the pertinent proceedings to prohibit them in the country.

On the other hand, diverse groups of human rights have indicated their annoyance before the constant restrictions to the individual and collective liberties in the locality that is in force strictly by the Islam.

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