In Cuba they returned to close Webs

In Cuba they returned to close Webs
Sites as, the most important Cuban virtual bazaar, Skype or Cubaencuentro, a digital magazine published from Spain with a publishing line desafecta to the Cuban government, loaded without misfortunes in the computers connected to Internet from different provinces and forms from connection.

The news quickly ran between connected people and assiduous users of the social networks. Many took advantage of the possibility of sailing for the first time to anonymous contents to which until now only it could be acceded using proxys.

But the hard joy very little. Only hours to be more necessary. Already Friday in the evening the blockade was of return in operation and was reports nonconfirmed of which the brief rise had been the result of an error on the part of a technician of the government of Cuba.
“ everything seems to indicate that it was an error ”, Alejandro Uloa, who was first in reporting the rise of the blockade, by means of a tuiteo wrote past Friday.


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