How to choose an elegant domain for your webpage

How to choose an elegant domain for your webpage
One of the dangers that we run when choosing a domain Web thinking much in SEO is that it sins of lack of elegance. There is as much amount of domains in Internet that, if we set out to emphasize between the others, we have to obtain that our domain is attractive.

When beams a search in Google, immediately you can realize whom is following a tactical SEO and who has seted out, in addition, to create a brand that is easily recognizable. The subject is in when the domain it exactly picks up the looked for key words more, without no adornment, neither game of words, nor nothing original that takes to remain with music.

Before buying a domain, assure to you before fulfilling the following advice to choose a domain elegant Web that it likes your followers.

1. It establishes some basic criteria. I want that the domain contains such keyword, since it interests me for the SEO. I do not want that it contains a word that can remember or be confused with the competition. I do not want that it has more than 15 characters. Etc.

2. You do a list of possible candidates. If you want to buy domains, I recommend to you that you open the page of your hosting and begin to prove all that are happened to you to see if they are lodged (to try, not to still buy). Better still, it opens a leaf of Word and you do brainstorming.

3. It thinks about the sound. There are domains that sound very well. It is enough with which you repeat them aloud a few times, adding to .com or .es, and you imagine that you are making an announcement by the TV. If it sounds spectacular dandy and, you have hit the nail on the head. If it would give shame to say it you because the language is united to you, it is that there is to choose another one.

4. It thinks about the logo. What was first, the domain or the logo? Who it stops to begin a project Web think about the logo, they are thinking from the point of view of the design and the brand. Truth that is not well to make a logo that has 8 words? Then in the domain either.

5. It proves the most beautiful completion. It sounds better to .com or .es? Not only it must be this one technical question. It is truth that .es is not more recommendable if you are wanted to position for a Spanish public of Spain, although is a so important criterion either. It also thinks about what it is better aesthetically.


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