Service of music of Kim Dotcom, Megabox, will send “ some months after Mega ”

Service of music of Kim Dotcom, Megabox, will send “ some months after Mega ”
A year ago back, before the controversial cast to its mansion of New Zealand, Kim Dotcom glided to send a called project Megabox that promised to end “ the dinosaurs called record companies ” giving the power to him to the musicians by on seals. Evidently, the launching was delayed after the closing of Megaupload.

Although not yet there is an official date of the launching of Megabox, this one “ will send some months after Mega “, affirmed the German millionaire, who did not give more details of the next service. It is possible to remember that Mega will enter operation the year of the closing of Megaupload, next the 19 of January.

The idea of Megabox (that is being developed by the Portuguese company Triworks) is the one of a service that would give a opened access to music free, where a compensation to the artists through the gains by publicity would be given that would enter through the application ‘ Megakey ’.

In order to accede to the gratuitous content the users they will need to install this application that will work as a publicity filter, but instead of blocking the content, replaces some with the publicity of Mega. The people who do not wish to install the application will be able to accede to buy music directly.

Dotcom thinks that its model of ‘ music free ’ has the potential to reduce the piracy and to give to the artists an own compensation to him by its work. “ this new solution will allow the content creators to maintain 90% of all the gains and to generate great income through little operated market of the gratuitous applications “, affirmed Dotcom.

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