3 essential elements at home to enjoy the celebration World Cup

3 essential elements to at home enjoy the celebration World Cup
3 essential elements at home to enjoy the celebration World Cup
The World-wide one tomorrow begins, the date waited for by everybody has arrived, within some hours the celebration will begin World Cup that will be enjoyed by all, by those who will have the fortune to be present at it in Brazil, but also by those who remain in their countries and they will live it from his homes, for these last ones exist some recommendations so that they feel the euphoria of the Glass of the World as if they were in the stage.

Esteem that more than 75 million people will follow what it happens in World-wide Brazil 2014, of them only 3 million will be present at it live, but for consolation of those who will see it at a distance, luckily options exist to live it to the maximum, even at home, that next are enlisted.

1. Screen

Without a doubt they exist a great variety of screens where to enjoy the parties, but the recommendation is Sony Bravia W950, since its screen LED allows to see the encounter in high resolution and with a sound that the experience of a stage emulates, because it counts on a characteristic of audio Live Football call.

In addition this screen to Sony counts on the option to sail by Internet through way Mobile High Definition and Social Viewing, with which the user can interact while it happens the party with other users by means of apps as Skype.

2. Horns

For those who do not count on a screen with a system of audio as which she finishes describing of Sony, Beoplay A9 exists, horns that can be the perfect complement for a screen while a party is passed on. A peculiarity that has these horns is that they are sensible to the movements of the hands to raise or to lower the volume. Beoplay A9, of the Danish brand Bang & Olufsen, connects via bluetooth not only to screens but also to televisions, tablets or smartphones.

3. Television channels

Options there are many, nevertheless, Sport Fox announced that it will tell on 20 movable units that they will cover the twelve headquarters World Cups. The transmissions began 9 of June the past and since then they will be passed on more than sixteen hours daily live.

Sport Fox will take to his watching interviews to the protagonists of this sport joust, the new features minute by minute inside and outside the field so that the fans do not lose themselves at any moment of the news that occur in Brazil. The televising chain account with sport commentators of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay.

With this kit of technology at home, surely the fans will live world-wide an unforgettable one.

Source: VueloDigital.com

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