Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service WebHosting Vinculo

Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service WebHosting Vinculo
1. The following policies define the conditions of use, in addition to the rights and duties of the Users of the service of WebHosting (in future: Users), and I tie, who are the lender of the service of Hosting (in future: Supplier). As far as the service of same WebHosting, in future Service will be called to him.

2. The relation between User and Supplier initiates when the User realises the hiring act in the website of http://www.glaresoft.com of anyone of the services of WebHosting offered there, are individual or remarketers. It is then that the Service is initiated (in the case of individual), or in the beginning process (for plans remarketers).

3. The specificationses of the Service, are the same defined in the website of http://www.glaresoft.com. At the time of which the User realises the hiring, he assumes to have plenary session knowledge of these policies, of the conditions of the offered plan, and the conditions of payment of the plan.

4. The Service initiates when the Supplier offers access to the User, to make use of the equipment (servers), on the basis of the terms corresponding to the contracted plan.

5. The Supplier is committed to attend of technical form commercial the User for the use of the Service, in exclusive of the Service in himself and nonexternal subjects to the offered Service.

6. The computer science or technical Supplier is not forced to lend support in subjects that they do not have direct relation with the operation of the Service in if.

7. The official channels of support are via Web (http://www.glaresoft.com), and telephone route, in the stipulated schedules of attention.

8. In the case of the plans Premium, Deluxe and Revendedores, a channel of remote support via TeamViewer is added, for exclusive subjects that have direct relation with the service in himself.

9. The Service in himself is defined as the qualification, lack ferocity and operation of an account within a shared servant, in who the User will be able to use the services Web, FTP, Mail (entered and exit), data base MySQL, in addition to the additional services contained in the tool cPanel. For the case of the remarketers, additional services of management of additional users are added.

10. The following actions do not enter within the Service:
- Creation of squares of e-mail in cPanel.
- Creation of post-office boxes in Outlook or similar program, or movable device.
- Creation of website.
- Ascent of website.
- Configuration of DNS in domain.
- Support of problems of domain, connection to Internet of the User, or related.

11. On the basis of the previous point, nevertheless, a support of attendance in those points, that are the tutorials in http://www.glaresoft.com, or telephone attendance or via Web to indicate parameters or steps exists to follow to conduct the previous battles.

12. In the case of Users who come from another Supplier of WebHosting, the Supplier realises the service of migration of information without cost, which is subject to technical feasibility.

13. The Supplier has the obligation of the following thing:
- To maintain operative the Service at any moment.
- To maintain the Service effectively working and efficient.
- To offer support on the basis of conditions described in point 5, whereas clause point 10 and 11.
- In case of problems of some type, to give quick solution and to inform to Users.
- To generate and to maintain periodic endorsements of the information of the Users.
- To send the access information to the Services, to the Users, when it is necessary.

14. The User has the obligation of the following thing:
- To collaborate with the good use of the Services.
- Not to exceed the limit post office allowed per hour or day.
- Not to use the services to send Spam of any type.
- To maintain its information of up-to-date contact.
- To maintain to the day the payments, in addition to inquiring about the date of payment.
- To notify the realised payments (in http://www.glaresoft.com > Clients Area > Notification of Deposit)
- Not to raise content of risk for the servant.
- In the case of installing scripts or self-managing platforms, the User must try to assure the application, with the installation of corresponding anti-virus or plugins.
- To have local endorsements of the information raised the servant.

15. They are causal of alert or suspension of the account the following thing:
- Nonpayment on watch.
- Shipment of Spam (or voluntarily, or involuntarily - by virus or Trojans in teams of User).
- Bad Scripts vulnerable or optimized
- Phising in the account (or installed of direct form or by vulnerability in the Web).
- All action that puts in risk integrity, performance or yield of the Service.

16. In the previous cases of point 15, post office of notification and/or calls will be sent to notify the problem. From not having resolution or answer, it will be come to the suspension of the Service.

17. A suspended Service can be restored once resolute the problem, existing until a maximum term of 24 hours to qualify the Service.

18. After 6 months of a Suspended Service, the Supplier has the faculty to eliminate the account definitively and the data contained in her, not existing responsibility some in giving to the data or information on the account once is suspended.

19. Vinculo.cl does not become person in charge before the following events:
- Earthquakes or natural disasters, whom they prevent to give an optimal or complete service.
- Fires in our dependencies other people's to our responsibility.
- You cut of national or international connections provided by companies suppliers of Internet.
- Badly use of the access accounts. Vinculo.cl forces to its clients by security to have an endorsement of all the information who maintain in our servers.
- Delay of the client in the change of DNS for the activation of the service from Vinculo.cl
- Delay in the crossing of the DNS of the company previous to our company.
- Robberies to our facilities.

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