WhatsApp begins to prove the blue double check

WhatsApp begins to prove the blue double check
WhatsApp has become one of the services of instantaneous mail more popular than it counts with more than 600 million users. In order to continue improving its service check of blue color has begun to prove the well-known as double that it would indicate that the adressee of our message has read what we have commanded to him.

At the moment this characteristic has not become general all the users of the service since it is in phase tests reason why the users are many who not yet are enjoying this new characteristic. The certain thing is that this blue double check is something capricious since it appears in some individual conversations but in others not and, at the moment, will not appear in the group conversations.

It was the past month of September when they began to circulate the rumors in relation to the possibility that the company decided to both change the color of one of check (first indicates that the message has been sent and the second that has been received) so that the users can know that their messages have been read by the adressees.

If it enters the application of WhatsApp through Google Play appears an update of the service of mail but it does not appear of concise form that these changes in the new version have been gotten up.

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