Next version of Windows could bring of return the beginning menu

Next version of Windows could bring of return the beginning menu
Microsoft continues fitting its new operating system.

The next version of Windows, well-known as “Threshold”, it could include the option to back from bring the beginning menu, according to says Winsupersite. The change would follow the return of the button of beginning in Windows 8.1.

It is thought that the menu will be available only for versions of Windows thought to use desktop applications, and does not stop tablets or other devices. Apparently, Threshold - that will leave to the market in 2015 - also will have an option to run apps style “meter” on the writing-desk. At the moment they work to complete screen and they can run of parallel form with the writing-desk, but Microsoft expandería this concept causing that apps of Meter “floats” as a window.

ZDNet also indicates that Microsoft will send to separated versions of Windows for consumers and companies.

For the end users, a version simplified focused in applications will be worn for the first time Windows 8 style that is updated constantly and is available for equipment with processors ARM, PCs, and Windows Phone. Also there will be another more traditional version for the present market of PCs and will have support for the programs.

Meanwhile, a special version for companies will be created that will include special systems of management, but will not have so frequent updates.


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