Study reveals new Christmas of the Chileans. New technologies, new habits

Study reveals new Christmas of the Chileans. New technologies, new habits
According to the information analyzed by the Digital Agency Shoal of fish, the consumers plan with more anticipation the purchases and activities associated to this date, in comparison with other celebrations, as the Mother's Day.

An important aspect is that, even though that a majority of Chileans enjoys these celebrations and takes advantage of them to share with its family and friendly, it is possible to notice the presence of denominated ‘ CyberGrinch ’, that responds to a profile of users that is very critical now.

The celebrations of year end, especially Christmas, stopped belonging only to the world offline. Thus Shoal of fish through denominated study presented it Digital Agency “ Tendencies consumption Christmas 2012 ”, that revealed important aspects exceeds how these dates in the world are lived online.

The rise of the information became on a base of 13,575 tweets between the 1 and the 19 of December, in addition to information raised through Radian6 and for Insights Search, of Google. Within this period techniques of referring identification and twin parameters to the thematic ones of analysis were used.

According to the results, one affirms that the Chileans guarantee the consumption in Christmas and who they show a clear tendency that their contacts find out on their actions in these dates. Also, that inquires each more and uses the Web to orient itself, to participate, to advise and to set out their daily actions Christmas, by on dates as the Mother's Day, Day of the Boy or San Valentin. It is the new profile, denominated ‘ Prosumer ’ and that constructs and destroys brands through the networks.

This new empoderamiento and activity through the Social Networks, ’ has taken step also to another type of ‘ not-consumer, denominated ‘ CyberGrinch ’ and that is a user who criticism openly the date in himself.

Users and brands: a relation that is narrowed in year end

As far as the words more related to these dates in average digitalises, they emphasize “ Gifts ”, “ Christmas ” and words regarding the referring daily actions to this festival. “ this gives to lights on the rites and symbols us that mean for the consumers the simple act to buy ”, it affirmed Carlos Gaona, general manager of Shoal of fish.

Of the total of analyzed mentions, it is observed that only a 35% promote brands and a 7% them criticism. On the other hand, 58% correspond to mentions of neutral type, in who it excels the informative character of daily activities of Christmas, as for example: “ I am surrounding my gifts ” or “ My mother hid the gifts ”.

In terms of sort, a 51% of the men promote the brands, in comparison with 29% of the women. And as far as the critics, the balance inclines towards the other side, with a 44% of men that does versus a 56% of women.

As far as the profile of the gifts preferred for this date, a 88% of the Chileans choose by the “ traditional ones ” (electronic articles as LCD, cellular, toys notebooks, bicycles or sets of make-up), and a 12% declares their affinity with those nontraditional presents ‘ ’ or green gifts ‘ ’, as mascots and action of recycling. In the traditional ones, the toys continue being the favourites, with a 29% of the mentions of the users.

If the main actors of the categories group themselves ‘ Coupons ’, ‘ Remates ’ and ‘ Retail ’ and analyze their tendencies search, the distribution or interest of the users in comparison to lenders of similar services can be appreciated and online. “ in spite of the strong growth that has had the industry of closings and coupons in Chile in the last years, with respect to the searches Web, the Chileans continue preferring and looking for more the Industry of the Retail, we associated this to the distrust that still have the Chileans with these new types of stores and virtual sales ”, Gaona explained.

Within the general conclusions of the study it is possible to affirm that the Chilean user is more and more empoderado and has an active relation with the brands, is this one positive or negative one. This demonstrates its necessity to be listened to by these companies as far as which they look for to give by this time. Also it is of manifesto that Twitter is the chosen means to criticize the purchase of objects in Christmas and that more and more is appraised brings back to consciousness ecological at the time of deciding what to give.


Analysis of Mentions in Twitter:

Universal total of Mentions: 13.575

Sample of Mentions: 989

Error Sample: 3%

NC: 95%

Data collection: 01 to the 19 of December, 2012.

Type Of Study: Exploratory

Type of design: Compound

Technique of data collection: Metric tools of Web, Radian6 and for Insights Search.

Source: MarketingHoy.

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