What is the cloud, why it serves and which are the services that tenés that to know?

What is the cloud, why it serves and which are the services that tenés that to know?
It is the new bet of the technological companies and is in all sides. Here we told you in question and how podés to be useful. Conocés other services? Add them to the list

From the cloud one has been coming speaking for a long time but the reality is that many people do not know what is and why it serves. Through this note one will be to explain that and, in addition, which are the most important services that there is in her to be able to operate it to the maximum.

What is and why it serves?
Technically the cloud, that comes from the English Cloud computing, is the name that occurred to the processing and mass storage of data in servers who lodge the information of the user. In Creole this means that there are services, some gratuitous and other payments, that will keep your archives as much as information on the internet.

The idea behind all this is born in the instantaneous access and at any moment to your data you are where you are and to traverse as much of movable devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), as of notebooks or desktop computers.

The best thing of everything is than the cloud was not created for expert people in technology, but for the end user who wants to solve the things of fast and simple way. By that reason the majority for the services that make use of this technology is of easiest to use.

Although you do not know it, probably you are using the cloud on a daily basis. One of the clearest examples is the e-mail through your navigator. When you accedés to your e-mail (Hotmail or Gmail, for example) tenés the information on the internet to which podés to accede of fast way. The only thing that there is to do is to enter a site, to put a ready key and: podés to accede to all post office, contacts and lodged attached archives in servers of the different companies.

But the access from any place and at any time is not the only advantage of the cloud. This paradigm also allows you to take advantage of better the resources your PC. Picasa, that is a service to lodge images, allows to publish the captures through Internet (to give brightness him, to rotate them, to cut them, etc.), without needing having no software lodged in your computer. Of this form, the processing effort lodges in the servers of Google and not in your PC.

Services that use the cloud
It is basically a rigid disk but in Internet. The service, completely gratuitous although can also be phelp to have a premium version. It offers space to you in his servers so that you can keep video, text files, song or anyone of the things that tenés in your PC.
The best thing of everything is than through a software that they own you will be able to accede to this digital rigid disk through a folder in your writing-desk or of the bar of tasks of Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

If you are looking for an alternative for Microsoft Office, Google Docs is the ideal. You are going to be able to create or to publish spreadsheet, text files, presentation, archives pdf and more. But, in addition to being able to enter from any computer and place, one of the best options than it has is that it keeps the archives constantly. This allows that if, for example, the light is cut to you you do not lose practically anything of information and you can at any time continue modifying your archives.
On the other hand, Google Calendar is service of calendar and agenda online. It allows not only to organize dates but to synchronize the information with your contacts of Gmail and thus to share or to invite them to different events. The best thing of everything is than, those more forgetful, are going to be able to form it so that they send an e-mail or SMS to them of warning when they have an important appointment or to salute to some friend by the birthday.
As much with Google Docs as with Google Calendar if querés to use them you are going to have to have a direction in Gmail.

This service changed the life to him more than a person. Grooveshark allows you to listen to music through Internet of completely gratuitous way. This site is ideal for that they do not have much music lodged in his PC or those prolific ones that likes to listen to new music constantly.
Some of their outstanding points are that podés to share through all the social networks not only whole subjects, but discs and bands. Also it allows you to relate to you to users who have your same own musical tastes or to raise your mp3 the site to share with your friendly.

They are both services of storage of more famous images of the network of two of the most excellent companies: Flickr is of Yahoo! and Picasa de Google.
Ever since the digital cameras were born the photography changed radically but on more than one ocassion the captures are lost because, for example, a virus enters the computer and flock all. If whenever you go away of vacation or you turn years you are raising those photos Internet never you are more going to lose them and your information will be protected.

It is a platform that, as Google Docs, offers applications online for office but much more professional and with a greater amount of options.
Zoho Writer will allow you to create text documents; Zoho Sheet with which spreadsheets can be done; Zoho Show to create slides; Zoho Wiki to publish archives wiki (as Wikipedia); Zoho Notebook that will let to you create text documents with videos, audio and images; Zoho Meeting to realise videoconferences between one or more people; Zoho Projects to manage projects of any type (allocation of tasks, times to realise them, tie people, etc.); Zoho CRM is an application to administer and to manage more with that you are going to be able to take an agenda of contacts, tasks, management of groups and; Zoho Planner to have a list very organized of tasks of doing; Zoho Chat to communicate with your employees or fellow workers to you; and Zoho Mail that, as its name says it, is an e-mail.

The cloud is a technology that arose a long time ago and more and more people began to use it to carry out works and to keep their information on the internet and not to run the risk of losing it. What you are hoping?


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