Tetris is no dead, still it lives and it turns 30 years

Tetris is no dead, still it lives and it turns 30 years
Tetris has been the favorite game of the generation of the ninety, perhaps many millennials were entertained with this simple and addictive game that still exists, in spite of the technological advances, the PSP, Xbox and other games as Candy Crush.

This week that game without script nor history were fulfilled 30 years of Tetris, without challenges that to obtain, only are to be the more fast and capable to accommodate the blocks and, thus, to win. This Russian creation caused addiction by everybody, was the fashionable game, but there is no dead, still follows although not with the same force of his times of splendor.
Some fans of Tetris still look for old versions of this game in stores where they sell video-games retro. Now one of these units is an almost vintage article. In spite of not counting on made graphs and an exciting history, it continues in the taste of the consumers.
A melody in honor to this game even exists that turns three decades to entertain people.

Source: VueloDigital.com

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