Better, greater and more numerous than ever: thus they are new iPhones that already is in the furnace

Better, greater and more numerous than ever: thus they are new iPhones that already is in the furnace
It is a rumor that teems already for enough time in the technological scene, but a new report published by The Wall Street Journal seems to confirm it almost definitively. According to the prestigious economic newspaper, Apple would have ordered to its suppliers the manufacture among 70 and 80 million movable devices with screens of 4.7 (12 centimeters) and 5.5 inches (14 centimeters).

If The Wall Street Journal is really in the certain thing, we would be before the greater order of production never done by Apple for a new model of iPhone. For the launching of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in autumn of 2013 the company of the apple ordered a remittance among 50 and 60 million devices. In that one occasion some models were run out on sale during their first weekend, reason why it seems that the company of Mountain View has wanted to cure itself in health putting I disturb to the production of its new models of iPhone.

Although Apple keeps at the moment a moderate silence on the matter, the certain thing is that it is that everything aims at that the new creature of the company of the apple will saturate in the market the next autumn.

Both new models of iPhone that Apple keeps under the sleeve will come supplied foreseeably with a metallic housing and they will be commercialized in several colors.

Although the company of the apple had resisted until now to the movable devices of great size, seems that the users have finally forced to him to sink the tooth to them. Not in vain, rivals as Samsung is doing already of gold with this type of devices.

One of the reasons that Apple has always adduced to explain his for many non-compressible “ allergy ” to smartphones of great size is its supposed worse quality of image. , Tim Cook, advisor anyway delegated of Apple, clarified his a few months ago “ hatred ” to this type of smartphones, assuring that the advances in the technology of screen of the movable devices did not jeopardize the quality of image necessarily.

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