Samsung works in a processor of 8 nuclei

Samsung works in a processor of 8 nuclei
Samsung is developing a new processor that could suppose the beginning of a new type of architecture. In particular, the project of the company is based on ARM and would reach the 8 nuclei. The South Korean company could be anticipated to other companies of the sector as Qualcomm (Xetra: the 883121 - news) or Intel (NasdaqGS: INTC - the news) at the time of sending a chip of these characteristics.

The rate of evolution of the movable devices is motivating that the needs of power and power saving in the components do not stop to increase. The present devices tell much more on powerful processors that presented for only a year and the tendency it has been seeming that it continues.

At the moment the last movable devices, most powerful, count on processors of four nuclei, that soon could be obsolete if the plans of Samsung are confirmed. According to EE Times the South Korean is working in a new generation of chip movable that would reach the 8 nuclei, doubling to the most advanced of the present market.

The Chips in which Samsung works would be based on architecture ARM big.LITTLE. Basically it consists of having two groups of nuclei, four and four, that altogether offer eight nuclei.

Each group has a speed, doing that following the actions to execute between in operation one or the other set. This way, the speed and the efficiency could increase of considerable form since the set would be used that better adapts to the needs of each application.

The intention of Samsung seems to be to become the pioneer in having this technology. Apparently, the company could present its range of movable processors of 8 nuclei in Conferencia the International of circuits in Solid state, that will be celebrated the 17 of February of 2013 in San Francisco. to confirm itself, Samsung would take the advantage to sharpshooting companies from the sector as Intel or Qualcomm, that have dominated to the market of processors in the last years.

Source: (Yahoo Noticias)

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