The United States already implements software for the prediction of crímines

The United States already implements software for the prediction of crímines
Richard Berk is a criminologist that does few years devised a quite particular software, the one that serves to predict what criminal will commit a new crime once already they are with parole, which is obtained through a complex algorithm, multiple personal variables of the subject to study and in addition, a data base that it details more than 60,000 crimes of the past understanding the tendencies that could model the future. The result? According to their creators say, can be identified up to eight future assassins between a one hundred group.

Most showy he is than this system already is being implemented in two zones of the United States; Maryland and Pennsylvania, where the judgment of the machine with this software serves to identify potential assassins and therefore, to reinforce the monitoring towards that person while one is in parole.

By their position, diverse voices of preoccupation have risen that notice the problems of this system of prediction, the one that could be mistaken and mark false positives well. And it is that it is impossible not to relate this event to the novel and film of Minority Report fiction, where a special division of the police is dedicated to prevent crimes being based not on a computer science system, but in people with special dowries. It is not the idea to reveal the end of history, but it is only possible to be shelp that the things do not finish … well

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