Netflix stays unbeatable between the American users

Netflix stays unbeatable between the American users
According to the last report published by Gfk it indicates that the users of services as Netflix or YouTube has multiplied by 10 from year 2010 to being already present in 21% of the American homes.
But the certain thing is that while continuous increasing the hearing of the services that offer contents in video by subscription, Netflix is not able to have much impact through the cable TV or the traditional TV in which to the land of the publicity it talks about.

In agreement with the data thrown by the Over-the-Top study TV 2014, Netflix is catching great part of the time of the hearing of the USA in which to emissions of videos of entertainment in the Web it talks about.

The data of the study indicate that the Americans with ages between the 13 and 64 years are seeing an average of three programs of TV and two films to the week through Netflix. The regular users of this platform see an average of 7.1 programs and 3.8 weekly films. But when it is asked the users of Netflix as it affects the use of this platform in their televising habits indicates a “ neutral or slightly positive impact ” in the hearing of the traditional channels of TV.

Where Netflix if it has had a negative impact is in the hearing or buys of contents through the cable TV of subscription as HBO and Starz. As it is logical also has had a negative impact in the demand of DVD and BlueRay.

Next are some of the most interesting numbers of this study:

- A 7% of the members of the generation Baby Boomers at least once a month use these systems of contents in streaming.

- The rate of use of this type of platforms between the members of Generation X (35 to 48 years) is placed in 21% and 19% of these use it at least once a month surpassing to the Generation and.

- The percentage of users of Netflix who own an own account (does not use the one of their parents) ascends to 45%.
- In a 10% of the American homes still we can find a video reproducer.

- A 29% of the users of Netflix affirm that they can be several contained hours consuming.

- The past year the percentage of people who had used Netflix Watch Instantly was of 29% and this year already is placed in 43%.

- The data on the number of Americans who the past year used Amazon Prime to consume video in streaming was of 9% and according to the study already it is placed in 16%.

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