4G is the “ gasoline ” that it is making step on the accelerator to m-commerce

4G is the “ gasoline ” that it is making step on the accelerator to m-commerce
The present consumer lives literally beating to smartphone. Nevertheless, paradoxicalally still one is quite obstinate to realise purchases from his inseparable smartphone. Anyway, it seems that already “ he cures ” to the allergy of the consumer to m-commerce: 4G.

According to a recent carried out study in the United Kingdom by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, the users of the moving grids 4G more is predisposed to buy through their movable devices that those that does not have access to this type of networks.

68% of the users of 4G agree in indicating that the fact to have a faster access to movable Internet has animated to them to realise more purchases through his smartphones. And not only that, 54% of the users of 4G in the last admits to have bought through mobile months, number that resists with 32% of the users of smartphones connectionless to the network 4G.

4G also is powerful incentive at the time of realising searches and sailing in movable Internet. 70% of the users of 4G sail habitually in the network of networks, percentage that descends until 48% in the case of the users who do not have access to the network 4G.

On the other hand, 31% of the users of movable telephony assure that 4G brings with himself more advantages than disadvantages, a proportion that rises until 69% between which already they have proven this technology.

“ the results of this report demonstrate that the technology can have a real impact in the purchase habits the consumer ”, it explains Derek Eccleston, commercial director of eDigitalResearch.

Source: MarketingDirecto.com

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