Twitter and IBM create alliance for enterprise decision making

Twitter and IBM create alliance for enterprise decision making
The social data will have new perspective from now on, because both technological companies have undertaken an alliance that it looks for to work with the data thrown by the social platform and which they allow to make decisions to the companies.

Both companies have announced this new alliance with the firm belief in the limitless value of the social data and its limitless application, that will be translated in a decision making through an established set of tools of IBM, solutions and consulting services.

In agreement with Twitter, the conversations in their platform represent “ an enormous public file of the human thought that captures the ideas, opinions and debates ”, reason why that great amount of information must be processed so that the companies make decisions, task that will be entrusted to IBM, for being expert in “ in the complex systems integration ”.

Thus, IBM will help to respond questionings as What they like my clients it likes of my products? or Why we are growing quickly in X place?
“ the alliance will allow to enrich the enterprise decisions with a new class of data ”, shelp Ginni Rometty, president and CEO of IBM.

The work altogether of IBM and Twitter will concentrate in three points: integration of data of Twitter with services of analytical in the cloud of IBM; the new intensive capacities of data for companies; and the enrichment of the consultancy of specialized company.

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