Zuckerberg will donate scholarships for undocumented students

Zuckerberg will donate scholarships for undocumented students
It will donate five million dollars to the TheDream.US bottom to give scholarships to illegal immigrants met as “Dreamers”.

The founder, president and general director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and their wife Priscilla Chan, will donate five million dollars to a bottom of scholarships for undocumented young people who attend the universities of the United States.

“The United States was founded as a nation of immigrants”, wrote Zuckerberg in a message in their page of Facebook this Wednesday, when announcing their donation to the TheDream.US bottom.

“We must give the welcome to the intelligent and working young people of all the nations and help to each of them in our society to reach his maximum potential”, it indicated.

“Hundreds of thousands of young immigrants are part of our communities and attend the school in the United States legally. Many of them moved to the United States at the beginning of their lives, and they cannot remember to live elsewhere”, explained Zuckerberg.

“They want to remain in the country whom they love and to be part of the future of the United States. But without documentation, often they battle to secure a university education and they do not have access to any type of federal help”, he indicated.

The TheDream.US bottom was founded on 2013 to give scholarships to illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States when they were young, to which knows themselves as Dreamers (dreamy).

These young people have been affected by the repeated rejection of the American Congress to approve law DREAM, that she would grant the citizenship to undocumented students who arrived at the country when they were young if they go to the university or military they serve.

Zuckerberg is promotional assets of a migratory reform with the creation in 2013 of the group of FWD.us lobbying, and in 2014 the Welcome.us organization sent, dedicated to celebrate the tradition immigrant in the United States.

“The investment that Priscilla and I am doing will be destined to the creation of programs of university scholarships for more than 400 young immigrants in the area of Bahía de San Francisco in next the five years”, needed Zuckerberg.

“This is only a small passage towards the creation of immigration solutions and education that help to that our community and our country they progress”, indicated.

Source: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/computacion-tecno/2015/zuckerberg-donara-becas--107296.html

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