Tips for the graphical design in the social networks

Tips for the graphical design in the social networks
The success of publications in the Social Average is due to the content to a great extent. All look for to generate content so that the hearing responds to the brand. Community managers looks for in any amount of blogs to generate information when the brand does not provide it, and it becomes a task against the time to remove the publication.

Many of the brands do not have a designer experienced in social networks and we understand that he is not the same to make a design for magazine that stops a spectacular one, the means and sizes are different, as well as the reading systems.

Therefore, I considered these simple but important tips that they can make the difference:

It emphasizes the words
When or you have generated a Copy, it is not necessary always to use an image with objects or people, is enough with a smooth bottom and the text, so that you use the resistance to emphasize the words. I talk about to these key words that are essential for the phrase.

It selects to the typography and the colors
Perhaps for some it would be very easy to choose only one, but sometimes the social networks require of more movement in a text, I talk about to different typographies that they reflect to the brand.
Once chosen, weapon along with these typesetter sources also the colors, that is to say, a trowel of these two to contemplate it in texts. It remembers that your colors must reflect the brand, if is somewhat formal you are not scared to resist it with an alive color that can give that touch him of diversion or freshness that in the networks is needed. I would call it “ Dynamic ”.

Published images
However, if you are going to use an image or several as collage, it tries to put them with a frame that divides them or it frames them so that they are seen more dressed and different from the rest of all the content that we found.

Simple Mantenlo
It remembers that when you open any social network, in the strip of the news it will appear as much information that you must sufficiently be clean in the publication as being legible or different and not to crush plus the reading. That is to say, you do not want to put all the supplies to him of your brand or to use more than 3 colors in texts. The simplicity can give advantage you before your competitors.

Perhaps with these tips you do not have search 10 articles to remove information, is enough with having a good Copy and generating a clean design or a good simple and consistent photo that it leaves more readings you and therefore it increases the reach with your hearing.


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