How to obtain clients for my store online

How to obtain clients for my store online

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Following with our objective to create a success strategy to sell by Internet, we saw that it causes that some stores online work and others do not stop to define our differentiation and added value, now we will see how find potential clients for our store online.

The best option to obtain clients in Internet is to position to you as specialist in whom it has sufficient potential clients that you end up looking for your product before going to be sold it.

The positioning concept is key for your strategy, seems simple, but it has an enormous power for many of us, why? Because it is the source of the attraction of potential clients. Veámoslo easily with an example.

If you see an announcement in a newspaper of a lawyer, llamémosle Juan Martínez, in which it also offers his services in subject of inheritances, divorces and for companies, do you think that the day that you have a problem you will remember him and you called to him? I doubt it, because she does of everything, which means that she is not specialized in anything.

However, if that same lawyer decides to make an investigation to see in that it is good, know his potential clients and to analyze in which there is less competition, its announcement could be: “ lawyer specialized in resolution of conflicts of inheritances, more than 400 resolute cases successfully ” the day that you have a problem in that subject You don't think that as minimum you will remember him when you need it?

I do not mean that you will contract it, but that in your mind will have been positioned as a specialist in a subject, and the mind which it goes by association will tie it, remember and in addition it is probable that the day that you look for in Internet “ lawyer inheritances ”, the normal thing is that he leaves because has been positioned and specialized in a subject.

I have explained myself on the importance of being specialistic in something and to position itself as so?

Then it comes, we go to it, first that we are going to do is to analyze our product, of everything what we sell we make a list of in which we are good, what is our product or service stars and in which in addition we are to taste working, because if we are going to specialize in, more bond than we like. A track, must be a product that you have sold or that you know that you are going to sell.

When you have it defined, we are going to see whichever competition we have in Internet, ponte in a great finder as Google and writes: “ YOUR CRITERION ”, for example “ jacket point ” and thus we can know the number of pages that the finder has indexed for that criterion, that is to say, we see whatever is in the “ street point jacket ” fixing us to the number before the results, in my case 13.200.000 pages.

However, in fact we did not compete with so many and we can see a more real number writing in the same finder: “ allintitle: jacket point ”, with this order him tenth to the finder that says all those pages to us that are direct competition, because they have put in his title of page the same criterion that we and are making the things good. The number descends to 44,000, imagines the change.

Perhaps it remembers that the competition that there is important, although sell the same but they have not been positioned as specialists, reason why still you would have a hollow to cover with your company.

There is a key concept for this process that is “ to take care of the demand ”, that is to say, you do not try to sell yours by good that you believe that is, but to see that it is looking for people and to see that you can offer to them of your products, because if there is nobody looking for your product, you will not sell.

It remembers that this always is valid to create a new existing or retail known product commerce online or, if your product you have created it and is unique then are special and must present it another form and we will take care of the demand of another form as we see in another post.

Then, How we validated that we have chosen a criterion or “ suitable street of Internet ” for our store? The 3 pillars to balance are Product (what you offer), Competition (If there is no it is that then it will be difficult to sell) and sufficient Clients, “ nonclients, not party ” if we make a comparative joke with the famous announcement of drinks. We see as we confirmed it.

The first tool that we are going to see is the Tool of key words of Google, you can put in the finder “ tool key words of Google ” and the first result takes to you directly.

Where it puts “ word or phrase ” pon in a different line each one of the words or criteria that you would like to know how much people look for it, you can indicate the countries and languages that you want that it includes to occur to the numbers in “ Options and advanced filters ”. Pon the words that ask and beat “ search to you ”.

You will see two listings, first it indicates the searches for the words that you and the second have put next, indicates the words to you that Google suggests to you can interest to you agreed to which the users are finder.

Attention with the columns “ monthly global searches ” and “ monthly local searches ”, the difference is that first it indicates the total searches in Google, and the second sample only those that agree with the filters that you of country and language have put. If you see a script “ - “ it is because there is no sufficient information and therefore it is not worth to us as good criterion.

Ten in account that this tool is made by Google so that years key words to your announcements of payment of Adwords, those that leave to the right when looking for and that we think that nobody sight, but that in fact are the greater source of income of Google, because we phelp to him by each received click.

For that reason I recommend to you that you create an account of Adwords and will show more detailed results to you, although you still do not pay, as additional columns with the graph per month to see if it is a seasonal product. It remembers that each content that you generate would have to happen previously through a considered traffic analysis to be found by your potential clients.

In addition we can obtain the key words that our competition is using, to secure ideas. Pon where the direction of your competition indicates “ website ” (or of the sites that leaves first in the results of your criterion) you will see all the key words that it has found Google in that domain.

As alternative we have another tool very powerful created SEMrush call to analyze competition and that I recommend to you to try.

Finally it is very important to see the tendencies search in Tendencies of búsquedad of Google in which putting a criterion we can see from 2004 if it has increased or to handicapped the tendency of searches of the potential clients to orient to us if it is a criterion de futuro or no.

I imagine that or you are tying ends and seeing the possibilities that you must to discover in that “ niche ” or sector to specialize to you, I recommend to you that you choose a criterion with a minimum of 10,000 monthly searches and that allintitle does not have more than 1.000.000 of results with the commando “: your keyword ” to balance potential clients and competition.

I hope that you can be isolated of everything and all during a time and to dedicate to find and to validate your specialization to you, I believe that she is one of the investments more profitable than you will be able to do by the future of your store online and will be the base of the foundations on which you are going to construct all your store. At the most solid, meditated and analyzed it is your greater decision will be your success.

Luck with your store online!

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