Sony announces its new televisions extreme high resolution with Wi-Fi

Sony announces its new televisions extreme high resolution with Wi-Fi
The denominated televisions 4K take Feria de Las Vegas.

Sony has extended its range of televisions X900A of 4K Extreme HD and presented two new series: the R and the W, both with Wi-Fi connectivity and technology NFC.

The presentation of these two models took place in the first fair of electronics of the year, the ESC 2013 that is celebrated in Las Vegas, the United States.

This 2013, Sony wants to increase the importance of its division of televisions and of becoming the first distributor of contents 4K. For it, the company aplió its range of televisions X900A 4K and presented two new families of televisions 4K LED, the R and the W, and a new prototype with screen YOU SMELL.

In the case of series XBR-X900A 4K, the quality that first arrived at the rooms of cinema of the hand of the Japanese, settles now in the hall house. Thus, both models, the R and the W, are characterized by their definition of highest quality, with a resolution 4K Full HD, of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, surpassing four times the definition that offer the televisions standard.

To these televisions, also the system of noise reduction was integrated to them 4K X-Reality show PRO. In addition, improved technology LED account with the light system basic Triluminos LED, that improves the quality of the red ones and the green ones. This technology also is present in the videocameras of the signature.

Besides the previous thing, the sound system includes magnetic loudspeakers and a system of processing of signal that offers low deep, with smooth vibrations and smooth average ranks. The loudspeakers own aesthetic the habitual one of the design of televisions Wild.

Nevertheless, one of the most interesting options is the Wi-Fi connectivity of the televisions and the integration of the television with other devices of the company, which complements with the diverse applications and digital contents with TV Sideview, that offers Sony.

Source: Financial newspaper.

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