Creators of Waze, Zynga and co-founder of My Space visit Chile to create bows with entrepreneurs

Creators of Waze, Zynga and co-founder of My Space visit Chile to create bows with entrepreneurs

A ten of founders of technological companies of Silicon Valley will participate in Chile in an encounter with investors and local entrepreneurs to explain their experiences and to try to lie down bridges with Chilean entrepreneurs in the scope of the innovation.

The encounter, call Meet Latam, will be celebrated this Friday and Saturday in a university of Santiago, although some of the assistants participated today in an encounter with the press.

Aaron Patzer, founder of Mint, an application of personal finances very used in the United States, shelp that Latin America has become a seed plot of technological innovations with a great potential of growth.

“I have curiosity to know how activates is the network of investors in Chile here”, it commented.

Also it took part Ury Levine, founder and president of Waze, a social network for drivers; Aber Whitcomb, founder of MySpace; Gil Penchina, manager of Wikia, and Justin Waldron, one of the creators of Zynga, a company of video-games for social networks.

All of them initiated their activities in Silicon Valley, a Californian neuralgic center where in the last years the main technological companies have been created.

Gil Penchina maintained that the success of Silicon Valley is due to predominant the social and enterprise philosophy in that place, where is within the plans that the enterprising young people fail in their attempt and have new opportunities to prevail.

“Silicon Valley is in opposition to France. In France, if you create a company and you take it to the bankruptcy you are a loser by all the life. In Silicon Valley if faults you are a hero”, shelp Penchina to Efe.

“We have a social culture in which it attracts the people to us who try things and fail. We have a financial system that allows that to fail it does not ruin your life”, the executive of Wikia, a collaborative network in Internet shelp on video-games, entertainment and ways of life.

In its opinion, so that a site becomes a pole of technological innovation must have decided people to take risks and without fear to be mistaken.

The executive director of Meet Latam, Felipe González, assured that the encounter is a long term bet to put the subject of the innovation in the Chilean political agenda.

The meeting will be repeated during the ten next years with the presence of successful entrepreneurs of the world of the technological innovation.

Source: Publimetro.

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