Who shelp that the e-mail had died?

Who shelp that the e-mail had died?
According to the investigations realised by different consultants, the e-mail not only is not dead, but still it has left much future ahead, especially concerning the sector of marketing. According to the results of the investigation of the portal specialized in Gigaom technology, 86% of the professionals of the digital marketing of the United States use the email regularly marketing and this it is positioned in the top between the programs that greater rate of answer reaches between its users.

According to the studies, the email marketing is the most effective and effective method to achieve all the marketeros objectives, as “ engagement ” (41% of the survey ones), the acquisition (37%), the conversion (42%) and the retention (56%). Due to these positive results, a quarter of the survey ones glides to increase to the cost in the email marketing. But only a few “ marketeros ” declared that they would increase his investment in the more recent digital formats, as the movable publicity (16%) and the digital announcements of video (14%).

On the other hand, near three quarters of the survey users of Internet in the United States it says to consult his e-mail through his movable devices. Among them, Android is placed as the most popular system between the users, with a 48% of acceptance, whereas iOS is positioned in a second place with a 38%.

Another study of Ascend2 indicates that e-mail optimized for mobile phones still has much space to grow, because a third of the professionals of digital marketing shelp that it used or it was gliding to use the email optimized for mobiles in the next year, against 54% that shelp the same for the websites optimized for mobiles.

Source: MarketingDirecto.com

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