5 classic errors in the election of your domain

5 classic errors in the election of your domain
Webmasters, designers or users who send themselves to the creation of their own webpage must face up obligatorily to two initial steps. To choose a lodging suitable Web, and a name of domain that perfectly represents the activity, the spirit and the objectives of its webpage.

But calm, you do not worry. To choose a name of suitable domain must be a process that has been its time and the final decision must be thought and matured well. Perhaps these advice can help you exceeds what you do not have to make when choosing the name of your domain Web.

Mistaken names of domain

The verb nails is “ to adapt ”. To adapt the name of your domain to the type of Web that you are going to realise, to his thematic one, the hearing to which one is going away to direct, to the objectives that you Marquess and even to their design. You do not choose names of domains very strange, difficult to pronounce, to write … to remember, really.

Very long names

The long names are very frequent in stores and commerces online that to try to leave very clearly from the beginning which is its specialty and that they look for the SEO at all costs and of erroneous form. Names as “ limpiezadeplagasadomicilio24horas ” or “ recambiosparacochesabuenprecio ” (for example) they are not indicated although define your area of action perfectly.

Completions of domains

It avoids to choose strange completions that can be more sales but they are much worse valued by the web search engines. The most recommended they are .com, .org, .net and .es if your area of action concentrates in Spain.

Names copied of others

Really seem you something doesn't ruin to rob the ideas to them to others? You do not do as the creators of ‘ Candy Crush ’ and respects the work and the ideas of the others. Otherwise, it could finish being a blow very it last for your reputation and, which is worse, to cause judicial problems.

Names with misspelling

There is one who resorts to badly write certain words or to vary them slightly only because the domain name that wished is not available. Gross error. Certainly you can find a name of domain adapted without having to resort to these ruses that damage of beginning the reputation of your Web. Eye, in other occasions, to modify words can have sense and give rise to imaginative names and with hook. But the misspelling already are another thing.

Source: LaVerdad.es

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