They send a technology to handle the house with the cellular one

They send a technology to handle the house with the cellular one
Another passage towards the future Apple presented yesterday in EE.UU a new platform. And Google and Samsung work in their own systems. In just a short time it will be possible to control remote all the devices of the home.

To some square of his house, the man, through his telephone, connects himself with the peripheral cameras to verify that the entrance is cleared. Before doubling in the corner, it drives remote his inner door and when the tube of the car transfers the garage, activates the lights of the dining room and catches the LCD in the sport channel. These exercises of home automation (systems that automate facilities of a house) are more and more near being real, thanks to a soft presented yesterday by Apple. The HomeKit is a project to create applications, services and equipment for the automatization of the home. IPhone or iPad will allow to control all the devices using.

This tool appeared in the annual conference for developer of Apple, in San Francisco. What implies that the programmers will begin from today to write orders in this new protocol and the results just will be available for year end, through new updates of the operating system iOS 8.

Software will be based on a network protocol that, wireless and “ intelligent ” form, it will allow to unite doors, to drive electric home appliances, to raise blinds and other operations that the technicians will be revealing. One of the advantages is that HomeKit will be integrated with Siri, the assistant who recognizes voice commandos. So it will be enough with speaking to him to the mobile so that the heating lowers, the plants are watered or to complete all these functions in automatic form through an application.

All those electronicses that are quick to first receive the instructions of iPhone or iPad will have to approve a program of certification next to HomeKit to guarantee the correct interaction of the parts.

It enters the companies associated the launching is the designers of intelligent locks August and Schlage, Phillips and his intelligent lamps Hue, control Netatmo the atmosphere and the producer of complex Haier refrigerators, next to other manufacturers of intelligent pieces as Honeywell, iHome and Osram.

The counter-face of this life happily mechanized is the insecurity. “ since you install software not only you must guard by the security of the personal data that keeps smartphone, but also to be conscious that if passes something to him to the mobile, also is going to be in risk your home ”, it explained to Raphael Labaca Castro Bugler, specialist in security of ESET Latin America.

And although still the number of intermediate layers of protection was not specified that it will have, Labaca Castro speculates that “ to the being surroundings multidevice, the contaminated file could be infiltrated in a MacBook and when iPad or iPhone is connected, to rob the credentials of access of the HomeKit and to have access to the central system. Following the configuration of each equipment, the hacker will be able to control the doors, windows or the cameras of security ”.

When presenting this system – that in native form facilitates the control of several equipment of the home with a single application – Apple finishes removing to him to advantage to Android de Google its competing major in the heading from mobile telephony. With this innovation, it returns to mark a tendency that other manufacturers will follow without questioning their utility.

Not to lose to him been above, the ace of the finders bought this year Nest, a manufacturer of thermostats and intelligent smoke detectors. A clear sample of towards where it points this so competitive industry. Samsung also has its line of intelligent electric home appliances.

But this it was not first nor it will be the last attempt by the total control. With regard to houses of the future, Intel presented the technology Smart Computing Islands, or Intelligent Islands of Calculation. “ this technology will be able to recognize any eventuality, as the fall of an adult or a gas flight. It will be able to identify the routine and the habits of the residents, and the devices will be able to warn the services in emergency, to the plan of health, even to the Police. This grants autonomy and support to him to the adults who live single ”, counted Mariela Bravo, gerenta of Companies and Government for Intel South Cone. And it added: “ in addition, the PC will be able to be controlled the temperature of the house, the alarm, to be opened the door, to be activated the washing machine or to be extinguished ”. The race by priority in home automation seems that just it begins.


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