3 things that nobody means on the World-wide one of Brazil 2014

3 things that nobody means on the World-wide one of Brazil 2014
3 things that nobody means on the World-wide one of Brazil 2014
3 things that nobody means on the World-wide one of Brazil 2014
In the middle of the celebration World Cup, the glances of the world have concentrated beyond the samba and of soccer, in political aspects, economic and social that threaten the joy of the Glass of the World.

1. Rejection to the FIFA

In Brazil there is a group of demonstrators whom they blame to the FIFA of the few resources that have been assigned to social programs for the population due to the cost destined to stages and infrastructure for the World-wide one. In order to protest against the power of the FIFA, a group of Brazilian the Open Junina organizes (named thus for the month of June), that aspires to being an answer to the millionaire public spendings to realise the World-wide one in 12 Brazilian cities. The organizers assure that, in addition to protesting against the FIFA, they will protest against of the sponsors and by the unavoidable evacuations of people in situation of poverty as a result of works for the World-wide one, as well as by the high prices of the entrances for the parties.

2. Threat of strikes and protests in the inauguration

The Brazilians have expressed their discord of the cost that has been destined to infrastructure for the celebration of the World-wide one and have criticized of severe form the cost of $11, 000 million dollars, money that could well be used to improve the services public of the population, which they do not count on services of quality. On the eve of which it takes the Glass of the World, latent threats of protests exist, in fact, at least six groups promised to realise Thursday “ Great Act 12 of Junio No Va to have Glass ”, in which the demonstrators will concentrate themselves in stations of the meter and will march towards the Corinthians Sand, where the inaugural party the Brazil-Croatia will be disputed.

3. Displeasure against the Dilma Rousseff president

The population of a country that much more likes of soccer that others in the world, feels displeased by the social conditions, the protests for the rise of wages of the workers has affected the preparations to give beginning to the Glass of the World. Combined to this, some Brazilians request the resignation of their agent chief executive Dilma Rousseff, who is lost popularity facing the next presidential elections, although still follows at the top. However, yesterday, the president declared in a message to the Brazilians transmitted by radio and television: “ Brazil overcame the main obstacles and is preparation for the Glass, inside and outside the field ”.

In a speech in radio and television directed to the 600.000 tourists who are expected in Brazil, Dilma Rousseff expressed “ Brazil, as the Redeeming Christ, is of opened arms to welcome to them in all you ”, although she will not be present in the inaugural act of the World-wide one to avoid disturbances.

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