What will provide the new one to us was of the Increased Reality

What will provide the new one to us was of the Increased Reality
Some ago days it reunited to me, to take a coffee and to discover a little more on the Increased Reality, with the CEO of a company that takes to several years developing this technology.

My experience with the AR (acronym of reality increased in English) until then had been limited enough, simply concerning user, and to write this post, it needed “to know it on the inside”.

We were speaking of the types of RA that there is, with marker, without marker, cradle in geolocalización, the one that detects the movements through sensors of the device.

And also of all the possible applications that this can have, medical use, marketing, (increased promotions, catalogues, etc…) promotions in spaces public, games (the WonderBook de Sony or the PS Vita), uses, or outdoors tourist, as the guides with RA and education, where one has already begun to apply.

And one of the most waited for by all and that it is causing a great sense of expectancy, the Project Glass of Google, although is not necessary to forget iGlass of Apple or others as the MEG4. 0 of Olympus, or the incredible contact lenses iOptik, that is developing Innovega.

It is a revolutionary technology and that is going to revolutionize, it is doing it already, the experience of the client and its relation with the brands.

What is the increased reality: It is a technology that helps to enrich the perception of our surroundings, the physical reality, completing the information of this with the one of the digital world. This becomes by means of the superposition in real time of images, markers or information on the objects of the real world.

The fusion of both elements, real digitalis and gives as result new surroundings, the increased reality. Obvious this enriches the experience of the user.

For it is necessary to count on connector between both, that in this case can be a movable device (Smartphone or tablet) or the glasses that previously commented, which causes that the experience is totally inmersiva.

In fact, it is indeed the development of these devices and the technology in telecommunications (networks 3G, among others), which has made possible that this technology has entered the sector consumption in a generalized manner.

The applications and possibilities of the AR finish right where it finishes to the imagination and the creativity.

With all this information in my head and trying to assimilate it as rapidly as possible, I dismissed and I divided direction to him of house.

Thinking to what extent the experience of the client could improve the AR, (after all, that is what I am raising in my thesis), I discovered that it is the “ perfect weapon ” to control and to improve the SMOT, second moment of the truth.

A few months ago I wrote an article it exceeds how it influences Internet in our process of purchase decision, and spoke of the moments of the truth.

The brands, at the moment can control so much the ZMOT (moment in the consumers they use Internet to obtain references exceeds), as the FMOT (moment in which it is had acquires the product in the point of sale), but on the SMOT (that talks about to the experience that has the client with the product/service that it acquired and the expectations generated previously are confirmed or rejected), is another subject.

How many times after acquiring a product you have had a negative experience, not as much by the quality of the product as of the use or use of the same?

Here it is where the increased reality enters, guaranteeing that your experience is optimal, and therefore generating loyalty and obtaining promotional for our brand.

The increased reality allows that the brand this next to the right client at the time of the consumption, being guaranteed this way that the experience is going to be positive. What company has not dreamed about having this possibility?

In addition, it allows us to increase the consumption, binding this application with e-commerce and our social networks.

One of the characteristics that also seemed to me very to emphasize is that the content of these applications is evolutionary, consequently we can modify the same in function to our needs.

To send a congratulation message, to present new products or the improvements introduced in this, invitations to new experiences, etc. This way open to a new communication channel between the company and its client.

In addition the AR has arrived to remain with us during one long season.


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