What is the and what options it has to choose

What is the  and what options it has to choose
We are going to speak a little on one of the important subjects but for those who we worked in Internet, especially for those who we must order to develop to us and to put to walk a website in the network, or personal as a blog, or a professional Web for some client who asks for it.

We go from the fact that we must develop some project in Internet, is a blog, an application, a store in line or a simple page in HTML. One of the first things that we must consider is the objective with which we wished to put our project in the network, also the reach that we hoped to have with him and to know clearly that as much we wished to invest in its growth and maintenance, for this way knowledge that is what but hosting is suitable when choosing a Web.

With this article we are going to make clear some concepts that we must know to choose the best option of hosting for our projects, in addition to the different options that we can find at the moment in the market, so we begin.

What is the

Hosting or lodging Web, in simple terms is a connected computer the 24 hours to Internet, which contains the archives of our page or project, and to which a navigating Web can be acceded from any place using. The servers used for hosting properly are formed and optimized, and following the capacities that these also arrange they vary its prices.

Different options from

At present we can find a great variety of lodging options Web, each varies obvious of the other according to the capacities that offer and to the company with which we acquire it. Between the different plans from hosting that we can find we have:

Shared Hosting

Hosting shared is the plan but common and popular to begin in Internet. Due to its low prices and simplicity is the best option for those who wishes to begin small projects to which they do not wish to invest too much money to them.

The essential characteristic of this type of plans is that they take a servant and they organize it of such form that can lodge thousands of sites in him, this way we we remained just by a small piece of the servant and their resources will be shared with the other pages that are lodged within him. Their costs average go approximately from the monthly 5USD to the 20USD.

Servers VPS

The servers vps are the best option for projects than they have a good margin of growth and to which we wished to dedicate a little to him but money. Abbreviations VPS make reference to Virtual Deprives Server to you or Virtual Private Servidor and characterizes by sera machine virtual mounted within a real servant, that is to say who taking an equipment from physical calculation and using a specialized software, we will be able to create several virtual servers with different configurations and characteristics.

The VPS have the advantage of which we can arm them to our taste, we will be able to choose the amount of Ram memory, CPU ’ s, Hard disk, and according to our configuration we will pay values that go approximately from the 25USD to the 120USD.

Dedicated servers

The dedicated servers are used mainly for great projects, those that require of exclusive feature and power in their maximum level. As its name says it they consist of which we will only have right to a complete servant for us, obvious this causes that their prices can very be lifted and that vary according to the engineering specifications which they have. A dedicated servant can cost between monthly 150USD and 2000USD.


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