policy of privacy of Vinculo.cl

policy of privacy of Vinculo.cl

According to arranged in article 19 Number of the Political Constitution of the Republic and to the pertinent norms of the 4 Law Number 19,628 on of life private protection and its later modifications, the personal data processing that is realised in Vinculo.cl, one is in force by the following rules:

• Vinculo.cl assures the confidentiality the personal data of the users who register themselves as such in website WWW.VINCULO.CL by means of or the form (s) settled down (s) for those effects. Notwithstanding its legal faculties, Vinculo.cl will only carry out personal data processing with respect to which they have been given voluntarily by the Users in the referred form.

• the personal data of the Users will be used for the fulfillment of the aims indicated in the corresponding form and always within the competition and attributions of Vinculo.cl.

• Vinculo.cl will be able to communicate other organisms of the State, the personal data of its users, in agreement the established thing to the effect in Law 19.628.

• Vinculo.cl in case of being required judicially to the effect, will come to communicate the personal data of the users who are asked for to him.

• Vinculo.cl will be able to communicate to third parties elaborated statistical information from the personal data of its users, without the express consent of the holder, when these data it is not possible individually to identify the holders, of conformity to the Law.

• the User will be able at any moment to exert the rights granted by the Law Number 19,628 and its later modifications. In specific, it will be able:

a. To ask for information with respect to the databanks that he is responsible the organism, the legal foundation of his existence, his purpose, stored data types and description of the universe of people that understands;

b. To ask for information on the data regarding its person, her origin and adressee, the intention of the storage and the individualisation of the people or organisms to which their data are transmitted regularly; Committee of Norms for the Electronic Document Guía Modelo de Políticas de Privacidad Page 10 of 10

c. To solicit their personal data modify when they are not correct or they are not updated, if he will be originating;

d. To ask for the elimination or cancellation of the given data when therefore it wishes it, in as much will be originating;

e. To solicit, in accordance with the arranged thing in Law 19,628, copy of the registry altered in the pertinent part, if it will be of the case; and,
f. To be against to that their personal data are used for statistical aims

• to exert its rights the User will be able to go to www.glaresoft.com indicating clearly its request in the contact form.

• In case of not receiving answer to its previous communication within a term of 30 days will be able to initiate the corresponding legal actions.

• With respect to the harvesting and data processing realised by means of mechanisms automated with the intention of generating registries of activity of the visitors, registries of hearing and contact towards client, Vinculo.cl will only be able to use this information for the elaboration of information that fulfill the indicated objectives. In no case it will be able to conduct operations that imply to associate this information to some identified or identifiable user.

• For effects of the Political present “ of Privacy ”, is understood by User the person who voluntarily registers herself in Vinculo.cl in the forms especially settled down to the effect. In as much, Visitor is that one person who accedes freely to the information available in WWW.VINCULO.CL without needing registering itself previously.

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