Google Is creating Support For Chrome Applications in Android and iOS

Google Is creating Support For Chrome Applications in Android and iOS
Google is working in taking applications of Chrome from the computers to the movable world. At the moment the company is constructing a set of tools to help the developers to create applications of Chrome for Android and iOS, as well as to take the already existing ones to both movable platforms.

The news arrives by means of repositorio in the site called GitHub Mobile Chrome Apps, which was directed by the developer of software of Google Michael Mocny. At which the company aims with this is to create applications of Chrome for Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS.

The tools of Google will help the developers to create hybrids of native applications of Android and iOS with polyfills (plugins) of applications of Chrome created under the platform Cordoba Apache. The support includes the modification of the designs mobile, help to fix bugs, to work obvious around the limitations and, to testear.

Once that work is done, Google says that the applications will be sufficiently good to publish in the stores of applications Google Play and Apple App Store. The requirements suggest initially will support to Android 4.x, although Cordoba Apache could also work with Android 2,2. and 2,3. The version of iOS that it will still support is about to announce but already they have begun to develop that subject.

A search realised in Google Groups confirms that the company yes is working in a project. The developer of Google Joe Marini even says, “ Esperamos to have something in beta version for January. ”

In order to understand the implications of this, it is important to know how that the applications for Chrome are written in HTML, Javascript and CSS but they work outside the explorer, they work offline by certain defect and they can accede to APIs that are not available for applications Web. In other words, they are the form in which Google pushes the limits of the Web as platform.


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